Mountain Biking

Clarksville's wooded and hilly terrain makes it a mountain biker's dream. At the 3.5-mile North Ford Street Mountain Bike Park, riders will experience more technically difficult trails. Volunteers recently designed a novice and kid-friendly section, as well. 

The trail is direction flow based on the days of the week, with the trail being marked by red diamond squares with black arrows. The trail is mostly in dense tree cover, well-marked, and varies from flowing twisty dirt to some small rock negotiations. There is a map kiosk at the trailhead, along with information on the trail progress. 

All those under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

Designated and shared trails are also at Rotary Park. Use caution as you may come upon walkers. Here you'll enjoy a full spectrum of trails, beginner to expert, with freeride features to build and develop specific skills