Rock Climbing

Clarksville offers one of the region’s top-rated rock-climbing locations at Kings Bluff Park. This recreational area along the Cumberland River is straight up the river bluff, but oh, the views when you make it to the top! King’s Bluff is an ideal spot for both novice and expert. 

The limestone crag is 9.78 acres and has over 160 routes traversing the Cumberland on 1,673.85 linear feet of cliff. It is now owned and maintained by The Southeastern Climbers Coalition. The area has routes ranging from 5.3 to 5.13 and will put your crimp strength to the test. Local climbers sponsor an annual cookout to help raise funds to pay the taxes and upkeep of the area. The routes range in height from 30 to 80 feet and are almost exclusively sport. A few routes are mixed.

The King's Bluff property is owned by the Southeastern Climber's Coalition. When you visit, please Leave No Trace to ensure that the site remains open to the public for climbing. Find out more about the SCC here and ways to support King's Bluff  here.

919 Max Court
Clarksville, TN 37043