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Clarksville, Tennessee is a historic city that's where stunning architecture is encompassed by a meandering river. A charming downtown is filled with vibrant and passionate business owners and artsits who love their community and are actively involved in making it better. About 230,000 people call Clarksville home, but we're spread over a large area where you'll find plenty to explore and discover.

Our people are also pretty special. Clarksville is home to Olympic athletes Wilma Rudolph and Pat Head Summitt, both of whom were trailblazers, champions, and indisputable legends. We are so proud that many of the brave men and women of the 101st Airborne Division, Air Assault at Fort Campbell, also make Clarksville their home. (Read about these and other impressive Clarksville Connections here.)

Why else should Clarksville be on your must-see list? Natural beauty with a wide range of outdoor recreation opportunities, family-friendly entertainment, an active arts and music culture, a serious variety of local and ethnic food, craft spirits (breweries, distilleries and winery), historic attractions, and fun events throughout the year -- all at a very affordable price point for most Americans.

A short drive northwest of Nashville along I-24, Clarksville makes an easy road trip for a fun-filled weekend getaway. Our blend of heritage and hipster, passion and perseverance, yield an energy and vibrancy that you simply must experience for yourself.

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How to Plan a Clarksville Trip

Whether your ideal excursion includes adventure, education, or relaxation with great food and drink, you can make it happen in Clarksville.

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