Dessert is a big deal in the South. If you're a foodie or grew up here, you're already well aware. In fact, dessert might just be the main point of a meal. City Mayor Joe Pitts often quotes, "Life is short. Eat dessert first." And, if he's at a dinner where dessert is preset, you can believe that's what he does. Who are we to say otherwise? What we can say for certain is that you can experience some mighty tasty dishes in this southern city that's become known for its diverse food scene.

Whether they're crafted by a passionate baker-turned-entrepreneur or a top restaurant chef with a stoke of creative genius, Clarksville's desserts will please your palate and fill your belly. They're also Insta-worthy! We've curated this gallery of photos from visitors and residents who've allowed us to share them with you. Gallery ExampleThey might just inspire you to plan a food-focused getaway.

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