With rivers, caves, trails, and bluffs -- options for outdoor adventure in Clarksville are unlimited. 



If you didn’t remember to pack your kayak, we’ve got you covered! Rent a kayak for just a few hours or a whole week, at one of the Run-a-Muck Outfitters locations. Montgomery County boasts 650+ navigable waterways that you can enjoy! From a relaxing flow to a few gentle rapids, the Red River might just be one of Clarksville’s best-kept paddling secrets!

Mountain Biking


Clarksville offers two locations for mountain biking trails, Rotary Park, and the North Ford Mountain Biking Trail, closer to Fort Campbell. Both Parks have several mountain biking trails that go on for miles. These trails range from beginner to intermediate levels, so if you’re just starting out or have been riding for a while these trails are for you. Kids can enjoy a bike route called Funky Chicken at the North Ford Mountain Biking Trail!

Kings Bluff Rock Climbing


The closest place to Nashville, Tenn. to rock climb is Kings Bluff. Not too often do rock climb trails overlook a river! Once you make it to the top, you’ll enjoy a spectacular panoramic river view. The area's route difficulty ranges from 5.3 to 5.13 and will put your crimp strength to the test. Climbers need a gate code to access the trails. https://www.seclimbers.org/project/kings-bluff/

State Parks


If you’re looking for a scenic hike, take your pick from Port Royal and Dunbar Cave State Park (along with great trails at local parks.) At Port Royal, you’ll find a nice picnic area and easy access to the Red River where you can fish or kayak. Take in a historical tour where you learn about Port Royal’s role in Tennessee history – but be sure to schedule in advance! Take a hike along one of Dunbar Cave State Park hiking trails that lead to the mouth of the Cave where you can take a guided tour to look at the stalagmites and learn about the prehistoric era of Tennessee. Tours are limited to 20 people and each cave tour participant needs to have a handheld flashlight. Children aged 4 and under are not allowed in the cave.

Clarksville has so much outdoor fun that you can’t help but stay for the whole weekend. Be sure to tag us in your photos on Instagram or Twitter with #visitclarksvilletn.

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