Florida-based Travel Blogger Sheila Berrios-Nazario visited Clarksville recently. During her trip, she found some spots you shouldn't miss on your next visit where you can capture pictures for your Instagram (or Facebook) that you'll feel proud of.

Putting our feelings aside regarding Instagram and its ever-changing platform, we do like to snap insta-worthy pictures. You know which ones I'm talking about. Those that make people visit certain spots just for the 'gram' because of how stunning they are, or because they work as great backdrops for profile pictures. On my last visit to Clarksville, Tennessee I found some spots you shouldn't miss on your next visit where you can capture pictures for your Instagram (or Facebook) that you'll feel proud of.

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Clarksville Downtown Market

produceFresh Peaches in Clarksville Downtown Market

If you're lucky enough to visit Clarksville between May and October, you shouldn't miss the Clarksville Downtown Market. On Saturdays, the Clarksville Downtown Market features local artisans, crafters, and farmers who are showcasing and selling handcrafted items and their freshest produce. Fruits and vegetables photograph very nice, especially in portrait mode if you're using your cell phone.

 Downtown Commons

kids playing an a large urban parkDowntown Commons feature in Downtown Clarksville

One of the coolest places I saw during my visit to Clarksville was the Downtown Commons. From historic markers to rain gardens and public art, this extremely well-thought place has something for everyone. It seems to be a favorite of families and kids, and also photographers. The good thing is that thanks to its strategic location you don't have to drive too far out of the city to take some good pictures. As the name suggests, you can find this oasis in Downtown Clarksville, and it not only looks good during the day but also during the night.


Trinity Episcopal Church

Isn't this a beautiful door? I need to admit one of my guilty pleasures is to see pictures of those very talented Instagrammers in front of pretty doors around the world 🙊 (or just the doors). When I visited Clarksville, TN during Memorial Day Weekend I saw a few pretty doors, but these from the Trinity Episcopal Church are something special. Btw, I finished my first post about Clarksville, so feel free to click to read more about it.


Montgomery County Courthouse

CourthouseMontgomery County Courthouse

The Montgomery County Court is a great piece of architecture. It was restored and remodeled after a tornado that hit the city in 1999. However, it matches perfectly with the historic downtown. Its details, grounds, and exquisite symmetry make it Instagram-worthy, and is definitely a must-see in Clarksville. 


Fort Defiance Civil War Park & Interpretative Center

Visit Clarksville gave me the opportunity to take over their Instagram during my visit, and one of the pictures I shared with their audience was a view of Downtown Clarksville taken from the Fort Defiance Civil War Park & Interpretative Center. One 'insider tip' an employee shared with me was that it looks spectacular during the Winter, especially after it has snowed.


Views for days of Downtown Clarksville from Fort Defiance Civil War Park & Interpretative Center. Located at 200 feet above the confluence of the Red and Cumberland Rivers, this park has a visitor center with exhibits, trails, and as you can see, views. 


 Cumberland River

The Cumberland River looks beautiful during the day, but it likes to put on a show during 'sunset time.' And let's be honest, sunset pictures are kind of popular in Instagram. I took this picture from my room at the Riverview Inn, but you can also go to the McGregor Park Riverwalk for a good shot.


Clarksville Fountains

Millennium Fountain

Fountain behind the Montgomery County Courthouse

Clarksville has its proper share of fountains, so pick your favorite and start snapping some pictures. The one pictured here was one of my favorites, together with one that can be found in Strawberry Alley street. Bonus: Clarksville is home to historic train stations, a cave, distillery, a winery and many more instagrammable locations. This post was originally published in Golden Age Trips.