The theme of U.S. Travel’s 2024 National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW) May 19-25 is “Celebrate the Power of Travel.” Locally, tourism officials are celebrating a variety of small wins that have a big impact on the local economy.

“Clarksville has positioned itself well as a premier destination for amateur athletic competitions,” says Visit Clarksville Executive Director Angie Brady. “Event organizers and participants like cities that are conveniently located, are mid-size with a variety of things to do but not too crowded, and that have excellent facilities. We are fortunate to check all of these boxes, so that’s what we promote. And, we deliver a great experience, so that’s why many come back year after year.”

During the 2023-24 fiscal year, Visit Clarksville will host 39 sports events – up from 28 last year -- and 17 groups, reunions and other types of events like the Miss Tennessee USA pageant. Spending at these events on items like hotel stays, gas, food, shopping and recreational activities, totals $27.7 million. 

Branching out beyond traditional sports, Visit Clarksville recruited new events like hockey, cornhole, cheerleading and gymnastics this year, making use of both the F&M Bank Arena and the Austin Peay State University Dunn Center. Division 1 Volleyball is also set to compete at the Dunn later this year.

lady and man playing cornholeNearly 1,500 people attended the ACO Corhole Major event at the APSU Dunn Center in January 2024. Photo by: Cultivated Co.

“The opening of the F&M Bank Arena and the Ford Ice Center last summer gave us the opportunity to recruit about a dozen hockey competitions for the first time,” said Brady. “Then with basketball moving to the arena, having more access to the Dunn Center enabled us to capitalize on more ‘off-season’ travel time and bring some different types of indoor sports to the city.”

Through American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds granted through the Tennessee Department of Tourism Development, Visit Clarksville has been able to expose millions of more travelers to Clarksville and what is has to offer.

“These extra marketing dollars enable us to share all types of digital ads and videos about things to do in Clarksville in a highly targeted way. We’re also able to host more travel writers and content creators to showcase the city to their audiences,” explained Brady. “Since we started those campaigns in July 2022, we’ve seen dramatic increases in both interest and visitation from all of the markets we target, most of which are within a 4-5 hour drive radius.”

“Clarksville-Montgomery County offers things you don’t find everywhere,” said Visit Clarksville Board Chairman Jerry Allbert. “Not only the individual attractions and amenities like the Cumberland River and water sports, or Historic Collinsville Pioneer Settlement, or fantastic local restaurants, or a beautiful downtown -- but all of it together is something that we, as local residents, can take for granted. People all over America are looking for the kinds of off-the-beaten-path experiences we have to offer right here. That is powerful and we have every reason to celebrate our community and how tourism dollars are positively impacting our local economy.”

In 2022, tourism spending in Montgomery County totaled a record-high $371 million, up 9.1% over 2021, which saves each Montgomery County household $486 in taxes. The county ranks 9th of Tennessee’s 95 counties for visitor spending.

“This direct visitor spending infuses new money into the local economy which is a direct economic driver for Clarksville-Montgomery County,” said Allbert.

Annual state and county-level tourism economic impact reports are compiled from 11 sources including Visa, AirDNA, Tourism Economics, and several state and federal government agencies. Economic impact data for 2023 will be announced and the Tennessee Governor’s Conference on Tourism in September 2024.


About National Travel & Tourism Week

Established in 1983, National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW) is an annual tradition to celebrate the U.S. travel community and travel’s essential role in stimulating economic growth, cultivating vibrant communities, creating quality job opportunities, inspiring new businesses and elevating the quality of life for Americans every day.


About Visit Clarksville

Visit Clarksville is Clarksville-Montgomery County’s official Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), established in 1979 by the State of Tennessee to positively influence tourism in Clarksville-Montgomery County by promoting tourist attractions, hosting conventions and group tours, and engaging in large-scale marketing efforts. In 2015, the organization adopted the Visit Clarksville brand. Visit Clarksville is governed by nine board of director members and is funded by a portion of the local hotel-motel tax. In 2022, domestic tourism spending in Montgomery County totaled over $371 million.