Emma Lee Dunlop Moss-Horne Gravesite

7 Seven Mile Ferry Road, Clarksville, TN 37040


Emma Lee Moss was a 20th-century fine arts painter whose collection is at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts. Her first exhibition was in 1987 for the Museum of African American Life and Culture.

Emma Lee Moss was born Emma Lee Dunlop in Clarksville, on a farm owned by her African American family close to present-day Dunlop Lane. She spent most of her adult life in Texas as a housekeeper and nanny. While working for the Figures family, she learned to paint by watching their son's lessons. Showing talent, she took lessons herself and was encouraged by Mrs. Figures.

During her lifetime, she became known as “The Black Grandma Moses,” and was recognized for her artistic ability to paint cultural African-American scenes of everyday life. She married and set her brushes aside for many years. Later, she rejoined her passion for painting by once again being encouraged by the Figures family. Later in life, she moved back to Clarksville and continued painting until her death. Her gravesite is located at Evergreen Cemetery, Sevenmile Ferry Rd.