Wildflower SUP

1797 Cheatham Dam Road, Ashland City, TN 37015

(931) 614-8633


Welcome to Clarksville's first inspiring Mobile Paddleboard tribe that aims to make Paddleboarding a fun community experience! 

If you are wondering what is a  paddleboard?! Well it's very similar to a kayak and a surf board but wider, flatter with more room to stretch up to the sky or lay down with the water. The great thing about Paddleboards are that you have options! If you want to sit, our boards have optional back support seats or for a tiny passenger. You can stand or lay down.. come on! The opportunities of what can be done on a paddleboard are endless! Fishing, tanning, yoga, thai chi, dancing, total chill spot away from the fast life. All that's missing is you!