Bradbury Retreat Boutique Studio Airbnb

Riverhaven Drive, Adams, TN 37010


Welcome to the Bradbury Retreat! This space has been a vision of mine for several years. I love entertaining. I love having guests feel comfortable and relaxed in our home. So when my husband and I decided to finish out our basement to offer it as a short-term rental, the goal has always been to create a peaceful retreat that guests could relax in. The studio is more than a place to sleep, it provides an opportunity to be refreshed. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

Every piece of furniture and decor was purposefully chosen. The style doesn't fit into a specific genre, but instead is a reflection of multiple styles merged together to inspire a sense of restoration. Repurposing items, salvaging pieces that have been discarded, and finding diamonds in the rough is the goal. About 95% of the items in the Bradbury Retreat have been sourced from 2nd hand items.