Billie-Shaye Style Photography

438 S Main St, Russellville, KY 42276

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Hi, I'm Billie-Shaye, a Kentucky girl raised on sweet tea & fried chicken, loved by Jesus Christ and His amazing grace. Exploring a mountain trail with my handsome husband, antiquing, a breathtaking sunrise or sunset, wildflowers, laughing until my sides hurt and well… PHOTOGRAPHY are just a few things I’m obsessed with. Serving the Greater Nashville areas to include all of Tennessee / Kentucky - BUT TOTALLY WILLING TO TRAVEL – with soulful Wedding Photography. I lean toward a more natural, in-the-moment photo with my focus being to create emotional memories that make time stand still while still capturing the feeling. Creating a bold, emotional, unbridled, one-of-a-kind experience. To me, photography is about witnessing the magic of love + life happen! I live to capture life’s most beautiful moments, and am most inspired by the uniqueness of people. I love using my god-given talent for capturing people’s essence in life’s real moments.