Romancing the Mind with Jeff & Kimberly Bornstein

100 Franklin Street, Clarksville, TN 37040

February 14, 2023


What happens when a beautiful Mind Reader marries a former Hollywood Stuntman? They create a knock-out show of mind-reading stunts that will BLOW your mind!

Award-winning Nashville magicians Jeff and Kimberly are a dynamic duo of deception who create impossible memories you will never forget. Most recently featured on the International TV show Masters of Illusion, you are guaranteed to be BAFFLED and AMAZED as Kimberly plucks thoughts from even the most sophisticated minds as easily as if they were grapes on a vine!

The Bornsteins know the key to a happy marriage is communication. Of course, when your wife is a mind reader, there’s no hiding anything from her anyway. Jeff is a retired U.S. Army military intelligence specialist who says the most intelligent thing he’s ever done was to marry his lovely wife Kimberly.