What is it about summer that makes a burger taste better? (Has anyone else noticed this?) Granted, quality beef cooked to your liking embellished with your favorite topping on a fresh bun is a good meal anytime. Add a patio setting, warm weather, some friends and great fries and you've created an experience! If you're planning a getaway this summer, you need to know that Clarksville is a burger town. 

We've collected photos from local restaurants that serve what may be Clarksville's best burgers. Here are a few things we've discovered from your posts and captions. 

  1. Hands down -- local beef is better. Check restaurant menus online in advance for options with locally-raised beef. The popular Bourbon Burger at Strawberry Alley Ale Works is available with the option of local beef for only $1 more. Dock 17 grinds their meats in-house. 
  2. However you like your burger is the best. We're aware that there are some die-hard "meat-cheese-and-bread" fans among you. Anything else takes away from the deliciousness of the beef, you claim. Some side with the "the-more-the-better" crowd who prefer to experiment with all types of toppings and flavors. Then, there's the group that never varies and orders the same toppings always no matter the options. All we can say is "to each his own." 
  3. Lastly, anything goes on a burger these days. If you haven't seen some of these creations, take a look through the gallery. You might find tater tots or onion rings ON the burger. Such a diversity of sauces, spices, flavors, and topping choices means you'll always have options to experiment and try new things. (Take special note of the burger served on a honeybun at Johnny's Big Burger.)

Please keep sharing photos of your local favorites! We'd love to add them to the gallery. Tag us on Instagram or Twitter with #visitclarksvilletn or use the link below to upload them.