With several weeks of warm weather still ahead, there’s no time like the summer to make lasting memories -- and there’s no better place to do it than Clarksville. From racing through bike trails to floating down the Cumberland River, Clarksvillians and visitors alike are never far from authentic adventures. The city and immediate area has an activity for everyone, whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, an underground explorer or a slow-paddling nature buff. Here are a few of our favorite warm-weather activities sure to bring excitement and joy to every member of the family.


Mountain biking


Tennessee’s mountain bike trails entice riders with their promise of pulse-pounding action (for all skill levels) amid a natural backdrop. Whether you’re seeking steep climbs and twisting turns, or a quieter immersion into rustic woodlands, the North Ford Street Mountain Bike Park and Rotary Park are local hotspots for two-wheeled getaways. For a truly relaxing ride, check out the Clarksville Greenway. Built from a former railbed on the outskirts of town, this pleasant path hosts cyclists, rollerbladers, and anyone else looking for an easily accessible way to enjoy the area’s pristine woods and a view of the Cumberland River.


Nature hikes


For those who prefer to enjoy the wilderness on their own two feet, nature trails in the area offer plenty of adventure opportunities without straying far from the city center. In addition to the peaceful Greenway, there’s Dunbar Cave State Park and Rotary Park, each featuring multiple trails suitable for all skill levels. Put on some rugged and comfortable shoes, pack a lunch (or just some trail mix) and hit these paths to enjoy Clarksville from a whole new perspective.


Cave exploration


The great outdoors certainly offers a full range of exciting activities, but there’s even more adventure waiting beneath the surface. Dunbar Cave State Park's namesake contains eight miles of awe for visitors of all ages. Cave tours will take your group deep into a 2-to-3-million-year-old subterranean world featuring prehistoric sights and endless natural wonders. Visitors can experience brilliant rock formations up close, see rare and hidden wildlife and, perhaps best of all, beat the summertime heat. Educational and exciting, a trip to the rocky depths of Clarksville certainly makes for an adventure you’ll carry with you forever.


Disc golf


Racing down wooded trails not competitive enough for you? A day at the links a little too low-energy for your group? Not to worry, Clarksville’s got just the thing: disc golf. This quirky sport combines the plain old fun of tossing around a flying disc with the competitive edge of golf, and there’s no fancy equipment required. Experts can find a challenge at Rotary Park, while newcomers might be more at home on Barbara E. Johnson Park's nine-hole course. Whichever way you choose to play, there’s no shortage of fun and excitement to be had!


River journeys


The Cumberland River is the site of some of Clarksville’s most memorable outings, and the best way to create your own certainly isn’t from the shoreline. Get in on the action with a canoe or kayak and you’ll see what all the fuss is about in no time. Groups of every size have found these waters to be ideal for excitement, relaxation or a mixture of both. No need for a captain’s license, nothing more than a keen sense of adventure will take you far on these waters. Blueway Adventure in Clarksville is one of the area’s many great starting points for a boat trip you’ll be talking about for years to come. They’ve got tubing and fishing excursions available, too.


Adventurers can check out visitclarksville.com now to begin planning their trip. Book today and get your journey started!

Photos by Lucas Ryan Chambers, TeamUSATravels, Bori Photography, Visit Clarksville.