Indulge in These 3 New Downtown Shops

I am a woman of few guilty pleasures, and walking around downtown Clarksville on Saturday I came across a handful of new stores that feed my indulgences -- books, records and vintage. Humble Universe Disturbers Used Books and More has been a part of the Clarksville community for less than a year…

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A Chic Clarksville Retreat

When the bags under your eyes start to look like mine and are larger than the one you’re carrying, it’s time to refresh with some girlie girl fun, fashionista finds, and foodie forays. From Beachaven's Blush to the Roxy’s “Hairspray,” a chic retreat awaits you in Clarksville, Tennessee. Whether…

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21 Places to Take a Selfie

Clarksville unveiled its 21st public art piece this month. Twelve of the pieces – at least – are in a proximity that’s easily walkable within the city’s downtown core. Murals, sculptures, fountains, and flames are among the art pieces you’ll see showcased along city streets, urban trails, buildings…

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