Travelers interested in finding information about Clarksville now have a newly designed website with much more content to help aid their planning. Visit Clarksville unveiled its new website at today’s board of directors meeting.

“Beginning with the rebranding of our advertising last summer, we’ve worked to bring all of our marketing materials up to the new standards,” said board chairman Kyle Luther.

While websites are often the most comprehensive tool a business uses to share information, they are also as much about the user experience.

“The new site does a much better job of giving users a glimpse of the kind of experience they can expect to have in Clarksville, both through the information we share and their ease of finding what they want as they navigate the site. This is often the first step in creating a positive visitor experience,” said Visit Clarksville Executive Director Theresa Harrington.

To help create that positive experience, users will find content displayed in categories of specific interests like things to do with kids, seasonal activities, Airbnb properties, or wedding planning. For example, rather than a list of all hotels, site users can see pet-friendly hotels or extended stay hotels by area.

Harrington says everything included on the site is based on a full year of keyword search data. “If people are searching for it in Clarksville – from a tourism perspective – we tried to include it on the new site.”

Some sections are still being built out and even more new features are already in production like Google Earth overlays of area trails, listings of wedding vendors and scenic local puzzles. “A project of this magnitude is always in development to some degree; it’s always improving,” Harrington says.

Explore the Clarksville’s new destination website at


About the Convention & Visitors Bureau

Montgomery County saw the second-highest growth rate in tourism spending of all 95 Tennessee counties during 2018. Direct travel spending increased 9.12% over the prior year, for a record-high of $244.7 million.

The Clarksville-Montgomery County Tourism Commission was established by the State of Tennessee in 1979 to positively influence tourism in the Clarksville-Montgomery County area by promoting tourist attractions, hosting conventions, group tours and engaging in large-scale marketing efforts. In 2015, the organization adopted the Visit Clarksville brand.